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UK News: Chancellor says date would allow a spending review to be carried out in time for next April

Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg, the Tory MP and former business secretary, has described as “barmy” a ruling from Ofcom saying that GB News broke impartiality rules because it allowed him to present news during his show on the channel.

Ofcom said GB News had broken these rules on five occasions – two relating to programmes presented by Rees-Mogg, and three relating to programmes presented by Esther McVey, the Cabinet Office minister, and her husband, the Tory MP Philip Davies.

This strikes me as completely barmy that reporting, in a programme that lasts for an hour, an event that has happened, where somebody has been stabbed, where does due impartiality come into somebody’s being stabbed?

I just think this is a really eccentric judgment on that particular issue. It’s just a strange thing to say that there’s a question of impartiality on a stabbing. Stabbing people is wrong.

We recognise the factual nature of the content delivered by Jacob ReesMogg, which did not include any partial comment on, or discussion of, the wider issues involved.

However, as set out above, there are additional protections afforded to news because of its fundamental importance in a democratic society.

Yes I saw that and I didn’t think that that was appropriate.

Well, I think in describing objects, in museums and galleries, I think the creator has an important role to look at history to make sure that their objects are understood. But these are matters for those individual institutions.

Punch and Judy is seen as traditionally British, but it evolved from the 16th-century Italian street performance commedia dell’arte.

Although aimed at a family audience, the original narrative in its Victoria heyday featured domestic violence, hangings and racist caricatures – a jarring and inacceptable combination for modern audiences. Continue reading…


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